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Dansnom Resources Limited is a Limited Liability company registered in Nigeria in year 2002 to carry out logistics services.
Our areas of service include Clearing and Forwarding, Airfreight, Warehousing and Haulage services. Our head office is in Lagos, while our branch offices are situated at Port Harcourt and border town of ldi-lroko. We have close alliance with logistics companies in major cities around the world. These partners make our door to door services very efficient and a rewarding experience for our clients all over.
Dansnom Resources Limited has grown over the years to become a worldwide logistic service provider. Licensed with Nigeria Customs and Excise with License Number C0346RC439760, Dansnom Resources in conjunction with her partners all around the world renders a range of services which includes Air and Ocean Freight Clearing, Warehousing, Haulage and Export services among others.

Freight clearing in Nigeria is dynamic and entails a lot of hiccups that can be frustrating to an average importer. We have a passion for solving shipping and clearing problems. We have teams within our organization. Each team is equipped with adequate knowledge of at least one major industry in the Nigerian economy. This knowledge gives us a competitive advantage and makes it easier for us to proffer solutions to most logistics problems our customers may be confronted with in the course of importation into the country.


Our customer oriented service is regularly rewarded by increased patronage. Current clients are naturally impelled to commend our services to others for use our operational efficiency is made possible as a result of strategic planning and cooperation. Our partnership and alliance with freight forwarders worldwide enhance our performance, thus ensuring that our clients obtain the best service possible at minimum cost.
One of our major areas of strength is our delivery time. We usually ensure that goods are cleared within a minimum period thereby helping our clients to reduce cost that may accrue due to avoidable demurrage charges. This is made possible as a result of our organized settings. We have a documentation department that vets all documents that are to be submitted to the Customs. This department ensures the appropriateness of our documents thereby blocking tithe loopholes that can be exploited by the Customs to cause unnecessary delays in the course of clearing.

Our post delivery services is excellent. We ensure you get your exchange control documents almost immediately after delivery. Processing of refund is made with a magical speed such that you do not have to call us for your refund before you have it as we have people within our organization that are saddled with this responsibility. We have a well-structured and organized archive system that keeps all Customs documents relating to the delivery of your consignments. As you are well aware, Customs can still call for any documents used in clearing within seven year years after delivery through their post clearance audit system. This is why all documents must be well kept and we have never disappointed our clients in this regard. We also have a very efficient IT department that ensures the soft copies of these documents are well kept with excellent back up system.

When it comes to logistics, cost and efficiency is our watchword. Apart from having our own trucks  that  take  delivery  of  our  cleared  goods,  we  are  also  in  partnership  with  big transport/logistics companies in Nigeria. This makes safe delivery of your goods a reality. Being a customer oriented company, we have listening ears. We welcome your complaints anytime and appreciate all your suggestions regarding how we can serve you better.


Dansnom Resources Ghana Limited is a limited liability company registered in Ghana.
We are licensed by Ghanaian Customs to carry out clearing and forwarding services in Ghana. We offer wide range of services to our clients both in Ghana and outside Ghana. Our services include, Clearing and Forwarding, Marine Services, Transit Services among others. Our office is strategically located at Tema, less than two kilometers from the harbor.

Customer service is of high importance, we have a Customer Service Department that evaluates our services from time to time. This department ensures that no customer is allowed to leave without being satisfied. Our operations department consists of highly trained individuals with many years of experience. We have quite a number of people in our operations deportment who have proficiency certificates in Customs clearing in Ghana.

They ensure that documents are properly presented to the Customs such that there will be no room for query. This enhances our operational efficiency

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Dansnom Resources is a global logistics service provider, providing seamless logistics services to corporate bodies and individuals all round the world. Presently we have our presence in two countries namely Ghana and Nigeria. Our two sister companies are, Dansnom Resources limited, incorporated in Nigeria and licensed by Nigeria Customs Service and Dansnom Resources Ghana limited, incorporated in Ghana and licensed by Ghana Customs.

Beside these, we have close alliance with logistics companies aII around the world that make our door to door services a rewarding experience for our clients all over the world. Our customer oriented services are regularly rewarded by increased patronage. Current customers are naturally impelled to commend our services to others.

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